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Our Business loans provide you with the required capital to meet your current business’s needs or to help your business overcome its future growth challenges.

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Required Documentations.

Kindly make available the below documents required to create and apply for Salary Loan. All fields are required.*

  1. 1. Scanned Copy of 2 Director's Government Issue ID - (NIN, Driver's License, International Passport)

  2. 2. Scanned Copy of Promoter's Recent Passport Photograph.

  3. 3. Scanned Copy of Promoter's Residential Utility Bill

  4. 3. A Copy of the Company's Logo

  5. 4. Scanned Copy of CAC Documentation

  6. 5. Scanned Copy of Audited Account/Cash Flow Statement

  7. 5. Scanned Copy of the Company's 12 Months Bank Account Statement

  8. 6. Scanned Copy of Proforma invoice

Corporate Information.

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Please Note: The following fees MUST be paid before the application will be approved and are Non-Refundable Fee.

Processing Fee 2%:
Legal & Management Fee 2%:
For vehicle collateral, we will installed car tracking device and it's charged for N50,000.00 only.